The realistic synthetic clot used to simulate thrombectomy procedures.  


The need for a viable clot solution has left physicians and the industry scrambling for alternatives. You no longer have to make-shift blood clot simulation with things like children’s slime or chicken liver. Blood-based clots are expensive, difficult to transport, and have an extremely short shelf life.

  • Easy to use
  • Stores for up to three weeks
  • Realistic, life-like reactions with medical devices
  • Used under images – radiopaque and radiolucent
  • Comes in three textures

“Biomodex’s new synthetic clot is extremely useful when training physicians on Tigertriever’s adjustable radial force. The fact that the clot is offered in different firmness helps simulate hard and soft clot widely seen in thrombectomy cases. In addition, the radiopaque properties of the clot is useful to demonstrate clot integration with our technology .” 

Jeff Dollar, Rapid Medical Inc.

Thrombotech™ was designed to support BIOMODEX® Biorealistic Haptic Simulators™. BIOMODEX’s mission is to elevate training and rehearsals for physicians to improve patient outcomes. Thrombotech™ is the latest BIOMODEX® product that can be used with BIOMODEX® EVIAS Plus systems to simulate ischemic stroke thrombectomy procedures.  

Thrombotech™ is Available in Three Textures


Mimics Red Blood Cell (RBC) Clot


Mimics RBC/Fibrin Clot


Mimics Fibrin Rich Clot

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