An Ischemic Stroke Training Solution with both Femoral and Radial Access

  • Ischemic Stroke Cartridges
  • Multi-Use Type I/II/III Aortic Arches based on patient 3D rotational angiography
  • Right Femoral and Right & Left Radial Access
  • THROMBOTECH Hydrogel Synthetic Clot, Hard, Medium and Soft Textures
  • Lightweight, portable, plug-and-play station

BIOMODEX® EVIAS Plus is an ischemic stroke training and education solution designed for practicing neurovascular interventionalists and fellows.

  • Utilizes FDA cleared and CE marked software for segmentation of 3D RA or CTA
  • Anatomical cartridge for ischemic stroke procedures includes vertebral artery access, ICA and distal vasculature of various complexity
  • Adjustable Aortic Arch
  • Contrast agent and X-ray compatible

BIOMODEX® EVIAS Plus has been designed to simulate the characteristics of intracranial blood circulation (systemic flow and physiological temperature). It is intended to be used in a Cathlab environment.

  • Compact and portable
  • Plug-and-play
  • Simulated systemic flow
  • BLOODSIM replicates blood density and viscosity
  • Blood Clot Insertion System
  • Distal Filter System for control of embolized material
  • Compatible with all BIOMODEX® EVIAS cartridges

CARTRIDGE for Ischemic Stroke: 3D printed training cartridges extracted from patient images showing varying complexity of anatomies:

  • Mechanical thrombectomy
  • Aspiration thrombectomy
  • M1/M2 segment
  • Basilar segment

Additional Accessories:

  • FEMORAL ACCESS TUBE & FLOW CONNECTOR: simulates the artery pathway from the femoral artery to the entrance of the right/left internal carotid artery (ICA) or end of vertebral artery and allows the continuity of the flow circulation.
  • ADJUSTABLE STANDARD AORTIC ARCH: simulates the aortic arch pathway with several levels of tortuosity – type I-II-III are represented.
  • INTRODUCTION PAD: gives the appropriate angle that you would have at the insertion site of the femoral artery.
  • INTRODUCER: simulates the introducer at the femoral artery. TWO (2) 9F introducers are available.
  • CLOT INSERTER: Clot Inserter gives the ability to inject the clot at the entrance of the cartridge to perform ischemic procedures.
  • THROMBOTECH realistic synthetic clot used to simulate thrombectomy procedures.
  • DISTAL CLOT FILTER: filter positioned at the distal end of the cartridge to collect dislodged clots during ischemic procedures.
  • BIOMODEX® BLOODSIM: powder that, mixed with saline water, gives the same viscosity and density as human blood. Three (3) containers of BIOMODEX® BLOODSIM are supplied with each station purchased.

Optional Aortic Arch Cartridges: designed to simulate the characteristics of type I, II and III arches including subclavian arteries, brachiocephalic arterial trunk, common carotid arteries, vertebral arteries, ascending and descending aorta. It can be implemented alongside the Station to provide a realistic approach in navigation.

  • Compatible with EVIAS Plus
  • For use in cathlab
  • Compact and portable
  • Plug-and-play
  • Simulated systemic flow
  • Femoral access
  • Right and left radial access
  • Compatible with all BIOMODEX® EVIAS cartridges

Station onlyDimensions18,5 x 7 x 4 inches / 47 x 18 x 10 cm
Weight5.3 lb / 2.4 Kg
Case with Station and all accessoriesDimensions22 x 12 x 9 inches / 56 x 30 x 23 cm
Fits for Carry-on
Weight17.6 lb / 8 Kg
Average set-up delay2-5 minutes
Anatomy switch delay30-60 seconds
Power supplyMedical 24V DC / 2.5A