A Training and Case Specific Rehearsal Solution for Aortic Valve Procedures

Aortic Station

Aortic Anatomy

Aortic Valve Training & Rehearsal

  • Invivotech technology providing realistic haptic feedback
  • 3D printed model created from CTA and/or 3D rotational angiography
  • Station providing Femoral, Transapical & Subclavian access
  • Individual Artery Flow Regulation & Pressure measurements at key anatomical points
  • Lightweight, compact, plug-and-play station & accessories

BIOMODEX® Aortic System is a solution designed for practicing cardiovascular physicians and fellows for education, training, and patient-specific rehearsal.

  • Anatomical twin for Aortic procedures includes femoral, subclavian and transapical access, coronary arteries. Possibly other landmarks and endoscopic camera inlets
  • Station allows for physiological flow circulation and regulation
  • Contrast agent and X-ray compatible for use in cathlab

WARNING: BIOMODEX® products are not medical devices and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition. Theses products have been designed for training and their safety and effectiveness as medical devices have not been demonstrated.

CARTRIDGE for Aortic Valve Repair: 3D printed anatomical twin extracted from images showing aortic arch and root with pathological Aortic valve. Thanks to our proprietary technology INVIVOTECH®, it integrates desired mechanical behavior.

Intended procedures:

  • TAVI
  • TAVR
  • Valve in Valve (ViV)
  • Coronary Artery Stenting

ACCESSORIES for the Aortic System:

  • PULSATILE PUMP: connects easily to the station to provide a pulsatile flow through the 3D printed model and physiological movement of the Aortic leaflets
  • ENDOSCOPIC CAMERA: allows to follow the valve deployment
  • BLOODSIM: powder that mixed with saline water provides the same viscosity and density as blood
  • FLUSH BAG: allows the liquid collection from the system during flushing, when used with Flush Box
  • FEMORAL MEMBRANES: simulates femoral puncture