Clear Cartridges

Introducing biorealistic training simulators you can see through!

Clear Cartridges For Use Outside the Cath Lab

Biomodex® is introducing clear 3D printed cartridges that enable our biorealistic haptic simulators to be used in and outside of the cath lab. Biomodex® Clear Cartridges feature the same biorealistic design as the original Biomodex® cartridges and add the ability to simulate procedures without imaging. Physicians and Medtech professionals worldwide are excited about the possibilities of:

  • Increased physician training
  • Anywhere/Anytime flexibility
  • Patient clarity and demonstration

Collaborative Innovation

Biomodex®, the leader in biorealistic haptic simulators, helps physicians train and rehearse for greater patient outcomes. We work in partnership with leading physicians to evolve and improve our products, and the development of transparent cartridges for tabletop training is a direct result of our commitment to collaborative innovation. 

“It’s not always easy to get fellows and residents in a cath lab for training because of logistics, but Biomodex’s clear cartridges will make it easier for us to demonstrate how to navigate complex human anatomies without leaving the classroom,” said Dr. Demetrius Lopes, MD, Neurovascular Surgeon, Advocate Health Care, Chicago, IL.

Biomodex® Clear Cartridges for Ischemic and Unruptured Aneurysm Procedures

Use Clear Cartridges With The Biomodex® EVIAS™ Stations

Choose Clear As An Option

“Clear” is now a material option when you are purchasing Biomodex cartridges to be used with the EVIAS (EndoVascular Intracranial Aneurysm System) Stations. If you already have an EVIAS and EVIAS™ Plus Station you can shop for a clear cartridge with many of the anatomies or you can choose the right EVIAS by clicking below.

Greater Flexibility with Clear Cartridges

Biomodex® clear cartridges are 3D printed using a transparent material that allows us to create anatomically accurate models for simulating ischemic stroke and unruptured aneurysm procedures. While our standard cartridges have received great feedback for their haptics and realistic imaging under fluoro, physicians and medtech companies have requested cartridges that are transparent enough to use without imaging. Clear cartridges allow for tabletop simulations using Biomodex® Biorealistic Haptic Simulators™  and eliminate the need for our customers to rely on cumbersome silicon models for trainings or demonstrations outside of the cath lab.

Clear Cartridges Support:

Ischemic stroke

Mechanical thrombectomy

Aspiration thrombectomy

M1/M2 segment

Basilar segment

Unruptured Aneurysm

Flow diversion

Intrasaccular device

Coil embolization

Balloon-assisted coiling

Stent replacement

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