An Innovative Approach for Advanced Physician Training and Patient-Specific Rehearsal


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In this episode, we are excited to feature a thought leader in life sciences and health care – Ziad Rouag. Ziad is the President and CEO of Biomodex, a digital health company offering enhanced 3D printing.

In this podcast, he talks about the various applications of enhanced 3D printing in the medical device sector. He also shares how his company’s product can improve difficult and complicated surgeries, increase the comfort level of physicians, and reduce variability.

Ziad shares his thoughts on leveraging novel technology to continually improve health care, doing things a little differently, and the possibility of 3D printing to revolutionize medicine. You can hear the excitement and enthusiasm in Ziad‘s voice as he shares about Biomodix. If you’re a med device company looking to leverage tools like this to grow your business, this is a podcast you should listen to!